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At last, I should be back out on the road after tomorrow.  All being well I will have the stitches removed from the operation on my back tomorrow afternoon and get the all clear for ‘bending over the bars’ again.

I had thought at the outset of this, a further enforced break in my cycling that I might actually be tempted to get out on the bike before the prescribed time.  However circumstances dictated that this wasn’t an option.  I seem to have been continually busy with something or another taking place most days.  On the days that were ‘free’ cycling wasn’t usually an option because of the glorious summer weather we are NOT having this year.

The ‘new’ Colnago has been loitering in the garage all poised and ready to go for about a week now.  The final task on that was completed the other day after I had managed to source some RED ‘Colnago’ branded handlebar tape.  For some reason the Colnago tape in red was very hard to come by.

It really has not been a good year for consistent cycling for me so far.  I have never seemed to get more than two weeks into a regular riding pattern before something crops to disrupt things yet again.

I had big plans of being fit early in the year and then having a good season of regular racing but it just hasn’t worked out that way yet again unfortunately.