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So.. today marked yet another comeback in my cycling calendar for this year.  This year seems fraught with them for many and varied reasons.  Today was the 15th day after my operation that entailed a 10 – 14 day lay-off from cycling on the surgeons advice, it was also my first stitch free day.

I went to have the stitches removed from my lower back on Wednesday but on that occasion the nurse decided not to take them all out as it was looking ‘a bit tender’ to use her words.  She took a photo of them for me with my iPhone at my request as it is in such a position that I cannot see without juggling two mirrors.  (I wont be adding the picture to my gallery here by the way 🙂 ) She removed half of them, six in fact, removing alternate stitches.  I had to make another appointment for Friday (yesterday as I write) to remove the remaining six providing it was looking better, which it was fortunately.

If the weather been better of late and had I not had so many other things to do I might well have been tempted to break the ‘curfew’ purely to beat the boredom.  However, I didn’t have to struggle with my conscience today just my will power.  It wasn’t a bad day weather-wise except for the wind which seems to back again.  I had spent the late morning and early afternoon watching the British and Irish Lions rugby team just about beating the Wallabies on the their home turf down in Australia.  An exciting game that I think the Lions were quite lucky to win.  I usually prefer to do my riding in the morning and I was tempted to wait until tomorrow but I bit the bullet, put my kit on and set off this afternoon.

I had worked out a circular route, another three counties ride, maybe a bit long at 40 miles but I was going to pace myself.  The route started here in Buckinghamshire then into Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire before returning home.  I took it quite easy to begin with, heading east then north but had I realised then just how strong the wind was when I got to the second half of the ride I might well have taken more advantage of the wind assistance.  The westerly and southerly directions were very tough and were into the south west wind.  It almost felt like I was riding with my brakes on.

I was just about done in by the time I got home and set about a sizeable chunk of Mrs G’s delicious home made fruit cake, ginger biscuits and one of my double espresso coffees by way of recovery.

When I checked the weather forecast later, after my return I see that gale warnings and strong wind warnings had been in place for this afternoon.  Maybe I should have looked before I left you might think?  However that could well have been a good enough excuse not to go and tomorrow might well have been even worse and the non riding saga would have continued.  Having checked the weather for the week ahead to pencil in further rides I see Monday is looking very good at the moment.  I’ll check before I go though I think.. !!