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I went for the second ride of my ‘come-back’ this morning.  It was much more promising.

I did 41 and a bit miles, a couple of miles more than Saturdays ride in 10 minutes less time and the average speed was a mile and a half per hour faster. Today there were 1460 feet of climbing in total which was 500 feet less than Saturday.  The wind was slightly less powerful but still quite strong and I made sure I had the benefit of it in return half today.  In the last 10 miles my average speed increased by almost a whole mile per hour.

The route I took was a loop north west of Olney (Click this link for ride details) whereas the other ride was to the north east.  My rides seem to be 40’ish mile loops of varying lengths arranged like a four leafed clover based on Olney, the wind direction is usually a big factor in deciding which direction to go in.

I had a couple of advantages over Saturdays ride, I was on my ‘best’ bike Felt which is a a couple of pounds lighter than the Colnago and I also took an energy drink instead of just water.  My energy drink is a good subject for another post for.  Suffice to say that its cheap and works well.

For three weeks starting from next week all my rides and ‘jobs around the house’ will have to take place in the mornings as this weekend sees the start of the Tour de France.  This means that I will take up a position on the sofa for at least a couple of hours every afternoon.

This year there will be a choice of channels to watch, Eurosport on satellite TV or ITV4 on digital terrestrial TV.  Both will have live transmission for the last couple of hours of every days stage.  It will be good to have the choice because Eurosport, being a live sports channel often have other events over-running so they are sometime late picking up the ‘live feed’.  This has been the source of much frustration for me in previous years.  I begin shouting at the TV and get very annoyed and make many mutterings.  They have 3 sports channels and when tennis is on, which it will be next week as its Wimbledon they have it on all three channels.  I just wonder why they couldn’t spare one to go to the cycling on time.  I guess there are two sides to every coin though as I expect followers of other sports have to suffer in a similar way if the cycling doesn’t go to timetable and overruns?

Even if you are not interested in, or cannot follow whats going on in the cycling there is some spectacular scenery to be seen from some of helicopter shots.  Even more so if you have HD TV.  As the race starts in Corsica this year it should produce some spectacular viewing unless, like several of the big races this year the weather is bad.  The Paris-Nice race and Tours of Italy and Switzerland all suffered some atrocious weather.  Its not a lot of fun for the riders either !!!


I have since found out that Wimbledon isn’t on Eurosport, bet there is something else though !!