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Now I am managing to get a few regular rides in again my fitness seems to be coming back again.  Not that I am racing or training for anything in particular, I just like to feel good and push on as hard as I want to when out on the bike.

Last Saturday I went on the club ride and the route out was similar to that on July 7th when I really struggled to hold my place on the climbs.  We covered a lot of the same hills this week and I coped much better.  I left the club ride at Blakesley just a few miles before Canons Ashby, the official destination.  I wanted to be back in time to watch the Tour de France on TV so I didnt stop.  Saturdays stage was of particular interest to me as it was another day of roads and climbs I have ridden around Annecy and it also started just along the road from where we usually stay, beside the beautiful Lake Annecy.  It also finished at the top of a climb I have done three times on my various visits to the area.

Lake Annecy from one of the climbs..

Lake Annecy from one of the climbs.. (It really is that colour)

Anyway, I digress.  I carried on the rest of the ride alone riding more of the misery hills from the earlier ride.  I rode back to Stony Stratford and then home from there.  I did 62.11 miles in total which may not sound special but it equates to 99.99 km. as I found out when I loaded the ride onto Strava.  This was somewhat annoying, to be just that little bit short of the century.  I had ridden a little extra on the way back to get it up to 62 miles that I thought that would make it up to 100km. for neatness  😦

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 16.59.57

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And so on to today…

I went for a ride with Steph again today, my occasional ride companion from Team MK for midweek rides away from the club rides.

She had to deliver her car to a garage in Bedford this morning so we arranged to meet in the village Astwood.  She having cycled back from Bedford and me having ridden there from Olney.  We both arrived at the rendezvous point at exactly the same time.

From there we rode to Cranfield to join one of my ‘loops’ as they are beginning to be known, this one around Bedford.  It was about a 60 mile ride for both of us although Steph may well have made the magic 100km’s.

It started off grey and cloudy overhead despite the fact it was forecast to be one of the hottest days of the year.  At least it was nice and cool to start and with a slight headwind I thought, or was that just my imagination?

We did a wide loop around Bedford on fairly traffic free roads with the odd minor exception.  It was a good hard ride with no stops again.  Fortunately Steph feels the same way about stopping as me so we just pressed on despite my offer of a coffee stop at the ‘Shuttleworth Collection‘, vintage aircraft museum about half way round.  Opportunities for stopping on my ‘loops’ are few and far between as they are generally on quiet country roads as much as possible.

Soon enough we changed direction and the wind became a favourable one which made life easier.  We just kept plugging away at a steady pace and completed the loop.  Well it was a loop in my case.  Stephs map was a kind of a spiral having first driven into Bedford and then biked back out to our rendezvous.

My map..

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

Steph’s Strava map looks far more interesting I think..?

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 17.43.02