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Due to a second follow up operation on my back last week I am once again enduring a 2 – 3 week lay off from cycling, hence the absence of cycling posts.  Apart from the upcoming holiday to France I hope this will be the last interruption to my regular cycling activities.  I think I have lost count of the number of interruptions so far this year.  Hopefully France will give plenty of cycling opportunities on new ground.  Although not mountainous it should be quite hilly as we hope to be going to explore what Brittany has to offer this year.  Quite a bit different to Annecy and the the Alps but ‘a change is as good as a rest’ as someone said and it will eliminate the long trek down south.

The good side is that this cycling hiatus has coincided with some building alterations at the back of the house so I have plenty to occupy me and help me resist the temptation to sneak out on the bike.

We are having a sun-room/conservatory erected facing into the back garden.  To facilitate this we have also needed to re-arrange the kitchen layout to enable an internal entrance to be created from the kitchen into the new room.  This has resulted in much upheaval and arranging and coordinating of visits from various trades, builders, kitchen fitter, plumber and plasterer.  The electrical work I am doing myself as that was my trade.  However the latest set of stitches in my back have resulted in me not being too mobile for the last few days, bending  and lifting isn’t easy or advised just yet, so it isn’t just a block on biking.  I have managed to do enough bits of preparation work for now to get things in place without actually doing any heavy work just yet.

As I type this this morning I am awaiting the arrival of the builders, Pete, Richard and Richard to start work on the footings for the base for the actual construction work outside now all is prepared inside.  That will also involve some minor electrical work  and investigation by yours truly today.  Also later today Andy the kitchen fitter will be here to apply the finishing touches to the kitchen and I have to fit in a visit to the doctors this afternoon for the nurse redress my ‘wound’.

The bulk of my electrical work will take place from Wednesday afternoon onwards by which time I hope the healing process will be sufficiently far forward for me to get underway with my work as I have Thursday and Friday free before the main construction work gets underway on Monday for three days.  The plastering and floor screed follows on Thursday and Friday with all the finals done by the 19th!!

Never a dull moment !!