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Another day of multiple activities.. I temporarily reverted to my electrician days and I also found time for a bit of cycling..


The plasterers having finished their work in the new Sun Room/Conservatory/Garden Room yesterday I was able to complete the electrical connections out there.   We haven’t quite decided how the new room will be referred to yet.  Whether it is actually a sun room or not depends on the weather gods I guess.  Its not really big enough to be classified as a conservatory but it does protrude into the garden and you can feel as though you are in the garden but behind glass and dry should the sun gods not be doing their job properly.  At the moment its a case of ‘just going OUT THERE for a while’ but I expect a term of reference will evolve in time.

I will eventually publish some pictures on here but there are still finishing touches to be done. The floor covering can be laid after three weeks when the screed has thoroughly dried.  Apparently it takes one weeks drying time for each inch of screed.  There is some painting to be done inside which has to wait a week for the plaster to dry properly.  Then just the reclaimed block paving from the area now covered by the new construction has to be relaid at the front to create a patio area and join up with the existing area at the side.

At present we have a ‘cardboard carpet’ out there and bare plaster walls but we are able to us it now and relax in the luxury of our new chairs and the extra room while the drying happens beneath the surface.

At least the electrics are all done and working thanks to the ‘in house’ electrician so there is light from the wall lights and power for music/radio.  I deliberately didn’t put in any TV aerial points, terrestrial or satellite but the home WiFi works very well out there for the iPlayer or Sky Go on the iPad. 🙂

Now to the cycling bit..

After lunch I decided a bike ride would now be appropriate having done my duties for the day.

It had to be a dual purpose ride because heavy rain was forecast for today, all day (now Saturday) so my appearance on the Team MK ride was doubtful to say the least.  I therefore didn’t want to overtax myself in case I did go out with the club should the weather forecaster be wrong.  I did that a few weeks ago and got carried away, it wasn’t a good experience on the Saturday ride as regular readers may recall.  On the other hand if I didn’t go out it would be a long time between rides for me.  I settled for a gentle ‘pootle’ around my Ouse Valley route with the slightly hilly extension to make it a 30 mile ride.  I managed to control myself and it was nice steady ride.  It was not too hot in the afternoon as the sun had disappeared behind clouds by then but still quite humid.

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

On the completion of the ride I was pleased to note that the re-surfacing works to the High Street had almost been completed and the road was open to traffic again, having been closed for a week.  The resurfacing work wasn’t before time as it had almost got to the stage that you needed a mountain bike to negotiate the rough road surfaces and potholes.

Now it is Saturday and the weather forecasters were right.  It is raining and has been since I woke up.  I am glad I wasn’t the ride leader for today as I would have been obliged show up for the ride start whatever the weather. I think in my time of ride leadership I had bad weather more often than not.  Bad luck today Steve W.  !!

I actually don’t mind it raining once I am out riding and warmed up but there seems to be something not quite right about actually starting out in the rain unless you really have to.