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I am now back home and in blogging mode after a few days away in Dorset.  I don’t usually like to advertise my absence in advance.

We picked the right week to go away for sure.  It was brilliant sunshine since before we arrived until our departure.  We did depart a day earlier then originally planned however because of the upcoming change in weather being forecast.

We set up the caravan at a Caravan Club site at Crossways, a few miles east of Dorchester and within a half hours drive of most of the ‘Jurassic Coast‘ beaches and resorts.  Most of them we had been to before but this time we took in Lyme Regis which had been off our agenda previously because I think I thought it would be a bit ‘tacky’.  However I was pleasantly surprised how nice it really was.  It was clean and fresh and not commercialised.  Another good thing was that you could park all day for £1:70 which in this day and age is a rarity here in the UK.  Usually at seaside resorts and ‘tourist towns’ the local councils cash in on visitor parking and in a lot of places that sum would have earned you about one hours parking.

Car parking charges are another of my pet gripes, especially after the freedom and free parking in most French towns and resorts.  In the UK we make good use of National Trust car parks where available as our membership entitles us to free parking.  I am sure we easily recoup our annual subscription each year in saved car parking fees alone without taking even account the free entry to the various NT locations.

Here are just a few pictures from our week:-

This is our caravan set up on site.  Its set in a wood with little open areas dotted around and the occasional deer can be spotted wandering around the site.  I did manage to spot a family of three this time, ‘Mother, Father and Child’


This is a part of Corfe Castle the ruins of which sit up on a  hill overlooking the village of Corfe which we re-visited this year.


Here is a view from the top of a hill outside Swanage overlooking Poole Harbour in the distance.  In the middle of the lagoon is Brownsea Island where Lord Baden Powell set the Boy Scout movement in motion.


Next a 180 degree view of Studland beach near Swanage using the panoramic view facility on my iPhone.  This is a National Trust run location so its as much of a natural, un-commercialised beach as you are liable to find these days apart from the truly wild beaches dotted about the UK.  The free members parking is an added bonus to what is already a really beautiful spot on a sunny day.


I did take a bike with me but only found time to ride one of the three routes I had loaded into my Garmin before our departure from home.  I will document that ride separately later to keep this a cycling free post for those uninterested in cycling.