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Last Saturday I was unexpectedly available to go on Team MK Ride to Carlton due to the abbreviated Dorset trip.  The ‘C’ group divided into three sections.  I opted for the middle one.

All started well until we approached Tyringham after about ten miles.  We had virtually caught up with the faster section and they were in view.  As we approached the T-junction at Tyringham the other section carried straight on which I thought was odd as that means a lot of main road riding and I had expected them to turn left as we usually do.

I was sure I heard a shout of ‘Go Left’ from behind me as our group approached the turn and being at the front I turned left and pressed on round the corner and as I approached the river bridge I looked over my shoulder and there was nobody else there !!

Tyringham Hall

Tyringham Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  The picture is about the view I had  I was when I realised I was aloneI

They had obviously gone the other way too.  I decided that I wouldn’t turn round and try to catch them but try to anticipate their route and maybe intercept them at the top of Chicheley Hill if they went that way.  I didn’t see them there so I kept on rolling towards the next possible interception point at North Crawley.  I missed them there too so by now I had decided to make my own way to Carlton and join them for coffee and cakes.

English: North Crawley. The centre of the vill...

English: North Crawley. The centre of the village, with two public houses! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I arrived there to find them all sitting around the big table eating and drinking.  It transpires that what I heard was the shout of ‘Go Ahead’ not ‘Go Left’ for the people at front of our group to join onto the first group if they wanted to, to go faster and obviously the fast group wasn’t that much faster.  A case of hearing what I expected to hear instead of what I actually heard.

They thought that as I appeared to turn off so determinedly I was obviously intent on going my own way, maybe because I thought the group wasn’t fast enough or something, as if !!!  I expect in that case some might have thought I was rude to just to turn off and leave with no explanation but that obviously wasn’t the case.

I had an abbreviated stop, just a cup of coffee but I wasn’t in need of cake as it was only about ten miles to my home so extra sustenance wasn’t required so we all pedalled off together and this time I managed to stay with them until my departure from the group, (on purpose!) at Emberton where I turned off for Olney.

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

The way to interpret the route map is that I rode the course in a kind of figure of eight configuration.