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Having caught up with the ride backlog in the previous post in a move to try to be more efficient I am about to document this mornings ride already !!

Due to the prevailing wind direction this morning I opted for a ride to Grafham but with no cafe stop.  The aforesaid wind would be nicely behind me on the return leg..

The outward headwind was as expected but not having experienced any tailwind previously this morning I just got on with it.  Consequently the tailwind when it came after about 25 miles was a real bonus and I found the going much easier, well not really easier I suppose as I just went faster for the same amount of effort.  Ride details can be found here, click on the blue link.. Grafham Loop

I recently found a neat facility on Strava that generates a ‘Heatmap’ of all the rides you have logged there so that you can see the most used roads.  Light blue is one use only through various shades to bright red for the most heavily used sectors.  This map is for my local area only,  There are a few other rides dotted about the rest of the country and France but it would make too big a map for here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 14.45.15

Click the image for a larger map, hopefully you should be able to open the Strava page and see a larger map and larger area.. and other bits of light blue dotted about the country and France..