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Methinks ’tis time for a catch up here..

Since my last post I have done 4 rides totalling around 250 miles.  I won’t bore you with too much detail except for a brief summary of events of the ride if any..

Nov 7th, 45 miles North & North West Loop

This was one of my frequent circuits out to Harrold, across country to Hartwell and back via Hanslope.. a 3 H’s ride you could say.  Totally uneventful apart from the prevailing gale force winds.  This was the date of my last post about ankling and I probably spent most of ride oblivious of where I was, head down and thinking about the content of my forthcoming post.

Nov 9th, 63 miles Team MK Club Ride To Turweston Airfield Cafe

This day was promised to be dry in the morning and rain starting around mid-day.  So much for weather forecasters.  We were barely a half hour into the ride and it started to rain to add to the cold.  This did however prove to be a good test for my newly acquired Castelli Confronto waterproof and rainproof jacket.  Very good it proved to be too.  I was both warm and dry all day despite the 4 hours in the rain.  I only wore a base layer under the very light and thin material of the jacket.

When we were at the final turn to the cafe most of us, apart from three people decided not to stop as we couldn’t face the prospect of stopping for half hour plus and then having to come back out into the rain and warming up again.

By the time we  had got back to Stony Stratford the rain had more or less stopped and at the completion of my ride onwards to home the sun was almost shining.  Pretty much the reverse of the weather forecast!

Nov 12th, 29 miles, Ride With Grandson Harry After School and my Pre Ride.

Harry had contacted me at the weekend to see if we could fit in a bike ride this week.  I was pleased to get his call because I was a bit concerned that he might have been a bit disenchanted after our last ride as I think it took him to the edge of his limits at the time.  However, at least I found out where they were and where to work from for improvements.

Being the time of year it is and the fact that Harry doesn’t come out of school until after 3pm I managed to come up with a route of about 12  miles that we should be able to finish just before lighting up time.

I decided on a bit of ride beforehand for myself to arrive at Harry’s by 3:30 which I did, with about 5 minutes to spare.  My ride included a few short but significant climbs including Whiston Hill which was the longest but always a tough climb, one of those its difficult to know how to approach due to its varying gradient and length.

Our joint ride was uneventful and timed to perfection for completion.  The only problem  I had was the setting sun being right into my eyes on the west bound section.

Nov 13th, 57 miles Wellingborough and Ringstead Loop.

Yesterday, the 13th was the birthday of my long time friend and cycling buddy Cyril.  I biked over to see him and take a little card and gift.  His cycling activities are somewhat curtailed at the moment due to some health problems but he is still getting out when he feels like it fortunately.

After a cup of coffee and a chat with Cyril I was back on my way along my newly designed route via Cyril’s house.  A lot of it was new to me but it was quite pleasant.  One of the roads I had elected  to go down when I plotted the route for my Garmin turned out to be a bridle path in reality, or at least an unmade road.  I opted out of that turn and carried on riding and eventually I came to a road junction that the Garmin 800 had recalculated would take me back to rejoin my original route.  What a handy little feature that turned out to be!

I didn’t break any records with this ride, barely reaching a 15 mph average.  I don’t know if its old age, the cold weather or the weather combined with extra clothing at this time of year but my recent solo rides have generally been slower than previously.  It could also be due to the fact that I haven’t been using the screen view that includes average speed, cadence and heart rate on it lately.  Mostly yesterday I just had the map view option that only gave me the route map, my ETA and the distance to go so I wasn’t mentally chasing anything.  Anyway I was quite happy with my progress and again a lot of the time I was lost in thoughts about future cycling plans and next years ‘big project’ I have been thinking about and researching. (Watch this space!)

So there we are, up to date again.