Its That Time Again Time..

Time for more catch ups time..

But not quite so many this time, just a weeks worth, I am definitely improving !!

First ride of this week was a brief trip out on Tuesday.  The correct chainring for the Ribble  bike arrived around lunchtime.  I fitted it first thing and by the time I had done that and shortened the chain and re-adjusted the gears there was about an hour and half before lighting up time.

I decided to take a trip to the ‘Bike Bus’ to find out exactly where it is for future reference. Although its only open at weekends at the moment it gave my ride a purpose and a target.

The ‘Bike Bus’ is a converted ‘double decker’ bus that is parked up on a little trading estate set up in a farm yard just outside the village Salford on the way to Woburn sands.  It has been converted to a cafe selling coffee and home made cakes to cyclists (I am sure they would willingly sell to anybody though!).  Its a recent addition so i will have to try to get there one weekend to try out the ‘fare’. (No pun intended it being a bus, but if you want to credit my sense of humour then so be it !!)

I came back via a slightly more circuitous route and just got back before lights were needed.

On Friday morning (yesterday as I type this) I took a trip over my friend Cyril’s at Wellingborough for a cup of coffee and chat. I didn’t want to go too far in an anticipation of a longer ride today.  We spent a pleasant hour chatting, mostly about cycling but being the age we are, health inevitably came into the conversation as well!!  I set off back again and came home via a slightly longer route and was back in time for lunch and relaxing afternoon.

Click The Image For Detailed Ride Data

Today was Team MK club ride day.  It was originally to be to the cafe at Salcey Forest which would have suited me nicely as I can take a short cut back home from there, having done my extra miles by riding the 12 miles to the ride start.  However at the last minute the destination was changed to the ‘Flying Pig Cafe’ at Turweston airfield near to Brackley.  This meant that the 43 miles for everyone else became 67 miles for me!

It was a damp kind of day, no rain but the country roads were wet and greasy and the farm tractors had left mud scattered about the roads, so a time to be careful.  It was an uneventful ride this week for a change.

One event of the day displeased me though.  The cafe is right next to the runway in the plane parking area.  There are barriers separating the light aircraft from the public and these barriers make a useful place to lean your bike against.  I was inside enjoying my coffee and lemon drizzle cake when I saw my bike and another one that had been leant against the barriers fall over, with the barrier!  The fall was caused by the draught from the propellor of a plane that was taxiing by on its way to the runway for takeoff.  I went to pick up the bikes and check them over, luckily there was no damage to them.  I wouldn’t have been happy to sustain damage on the first proper outing.


2 thoughts on “Its That Time Again Time..

    • Thanks.. every year I resolve to ride more through the winter to keep some basic miles in.. usually I give in to the weather a bit too easily..
      My mileage has dropped off a bit this winter but not as much as usual, so far !!


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