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Today I fitted a new chainset and accessories to the Ribble.  I changed it from the Shimano 105 double chainring as originally fitted to a triple.  Its not quite as simple as just changing the chainset though because it also entails changes to the Sti levers and the front and rear derailleurs.

I hit on the idea while out riding much earlier in the week with a view to probably doing something about it early next year when I hope to be doing some long distance Audax rides. This sometimes entails carrying extra stuff and quite often negotiating some lumpy bits of landscape where some lower gears would be welcome.

My research led me to the Chain Reaction website again on Wednesday night.  I found that the parts I needed were in their clearance sale at around 40% discount!  I did nothing at the time.  While out riding on Thursday I was thinking about it and decided I would go ahead and order it when I got back.  My only concern was that the sale would finish before I got home and I almost terminated my ride early to make sure not to lose the bargain.  However I stuck with my plan and finished my ride.  As soon as I got home I rushed to the computer to find the deal was still on so I ordered it then and there.  Just as well, because when I looked again later in the evening it wasn’t.  All of those circumstances coming together I figured it must have been Gods way of telling me I did the right thing!

While I was out on the ride yesterday it arrived and when I got home I took it down the garage for fitting ‘at some time in the future’.  Well the future arrived sooner than I expected.  This morning being a ‘cycling rest day’ I decided to do it while it was still quite ‘warm’.. up to an almost sizzling 9 degrees C.  Sizzling by recent standards anyway.

I suppose it took me about two and a half hours from start to finish by the time it was all done and gears and brakes all re-adjusted.  It was feeling pretty cool down there by then  I can tell you but now it just awaits a test ride.  Tuesday seems a favourable day for a decent bike ride by the look of the weather forecast.  The rest of today and tomorrow rain and high winds are forecast, maybe a little rain on Tuesday but not much and the wind will drop.