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The third day of year and just by way of a change I am attempting a blog post with hardly a mention of things cycling.. !

Just a brief summary of whats been occurring recently.  Its just the part of my life when not cycling that you don’t normally get to hear about..

New Years day saw us trapped indoors because of bad weather after a late night New Years Eve.. I blame Jools Holland entirely for this and the subsequent late start to New Years day..  I have to say it wasn’t the best of days weather-wise anyway.  I got my camera out and took some pictures of the flowers that are thriving in the new Sun Room/Conservatory/Garden Room (Still don’t quite know what to call it?) that we had constructed last year at the back of the house.  Its been a while since I took any pictures with the Canon so I needed to loosen my trigger finger.

The flowers out there seem to really thrive, especially the Orchids.  They just keep coming.

If you click on the thumbnails above you will get a bigger picture.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride in the morning thats already been documented on this blog.. and I’m not supposed to be talking cycling anyway.

In the afternoon we wanted to take a parcel to a collection point for delivery so I volunteered to give my car a run as its been standing outside unused since well before Christmas, only to discover it had a flat battery.  We had to use Jan’s Ford Ka for the trip which has had plenty of use back and forwards to Milton Keynes almost daily.  I do in fact frequently refer to it as ‘the shopping trolley’ which doesn’t always go down well.

After the trip I was going to put my battery on charge but nowadays you can’t just take a battery out without need a degree in electronics to set the car up again.  I couldn’t be bothered to rig up a lead to do it in situ so I preferred to just put it off until today.  Then I would start it with a pair of jump leads from Jan’s car then take it for a short drive.  The balance of the afternoon, before and after the trip was spent writing yesterdays blog post.

I had hoped to be watching my favourite football team, Watford playing Yeovil live on Sky TV at teatime but the game was a victim of the weather and was called off because of a flooded pitch.

Today my first job was to get my car started so I jump started it from Jan’s car with no problem and I duly took it for a few miles to charge up the battery a bit.

The next job was the removal of the Christmas decorations and safely stowing them away in the loft.  However despite our best and most diligent efforts, every year there is always one decoration that gets missed but we were confident we had really cracked it this year, we looked everywhere.

Later in the morning another shopping trip was called for and I volunteered to go along and use my car to get it charged up a bit more.

On our return I was just firing up the espresso coffee machine and I heard a shout from the other room.. ‘Oh B****r’ !!!.  Whats up I enquired?  Only to be told that despite our best efforts, once again a decoration had been left behind !!

This afternoon I ordered a new Canon A3 size photo printer.  It has been on my Amazon ‘wish list’ for some time and the price has been going up and down consistently every few days so I struck this afternoon while it was as low as its been for a while and before it went up again.  When I first put it on my list it was at a low price and I put it there while I thought about it a while and then when I looked a couple of hours later it had risen by £25.  I was full of conspiracy theories about how they did that just because I had put it on my wish list.   However it did go down again after a couple of weeks but I was slightly short of funds then as a result of buying a new bike!! (The Devil finds work for idle hands!!)  It then went up again for a while but I got them this time..

So thats a bit of an insight into the exciting kind of life I lead, full of the unplanned and unexpected.  Never a dull moment as they say… and never boring.