'The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions' ..

(The meaning of the title phrase to this piece  according to Wikipedia is that individuals may have the intention to undertake good actions but nevertheless fail to take action. This inaction may be due to procrastination, laziness or other subversive vice)  …Seems to fit my case perfectly !!

This appears to be becoming more of a monthly journal than a news blog.  Its a good thing I do keep some kind of daily note of my activities or I would never remember what to put in here, especially with the time spans involved!!  Despite my best intentions I don’t seem to be able to keep fully abreast of things blog wise.   Hence the heading above.  However I also take it as  a sign that I am definitely not idle and there is always something to occupy my time.  I am doing things but just not documenting them!!

Tuesday 7th January

This was a day spent messing around with things and waiting for the possible delivery of my new Canon A3 photo printer.

While being on standby for the delivery I busied myself with relocating the speakers of the surround sound system a bit and patched up the wall where they used to be.  The printer didn’t make it today, it was only the first possible day of the delivery ‘window’ given by Amazon though.

In the evening I went to the monthly Jazz club in town.  Alan the organiser does get some fantastic and varied jazz musicians to come and visit.  The club is getting a very good reputation among musicians both for the location and the audience so talented jazz musicians are happy to appear  there.

Wednesday 8th

The new printer arrived but without a USB printer lead.  Not included in the deal apparently, but it wasn’t a problem as I found one in my ‘store cupboard’ to do the set up.  I needed to order a longer than standard one anyway due to the location of the printer.  Its not a wireless one so it does need to be hard wired.  Its quite a big piece of equipment but I’ll be able to print off some nice big A3 size pictures, 420mm x 297mm (16.5″ x 11.7″) instead of being limited to A4.  A better size for hanging on the wall and I can take advantage of the picture size capability of my camera.

Thursday 9th – Friday10th

These days were passed idling away my time while waiting for more deliveries, among which was the aforesaid USB printer lead.  Not all the stuff I was waiting in for was mine though I hasten to add!

Among other activities were a shopping trip and I also spent some time planning a long bike ride.  I accepted a challenge on the Strava ride logging website to ride a single ride of 130km ( just over 81 miles) that they call the ‘Gran Fondo Challenge’ anytime in January.  I worked out a nice route on the course planning section on the Garmin Connect site.  I tried to keep it as flat as possible which isn’t easy to do over that distance but I did manage to avoid any major climbs in my planning.  I also accepted another challenge to ride 600km this month which is progressing steadily but should be no problem in a month.

Sat 11th January

Today the Team MK club ride was to Castle Ashby, only about 6 or 7 miles from my home.  However by the time I had ridden to Stony Stratford and we had completed the circuitous route to get to the coffee stop and then a bit of a loop back, dropping off at Olney I had completed over 50 miles.

Monday 13th January

I attended the funeral of my last remaining Aunt, the third of my late Mothers sisters.  So thats the last of that generation and I am now the oldest member of the next generation but I am not going to dwell on that !

Tuesday 14th January

I needed to go on a bike ride today but it was very cold in the morning so I saved it until the afternoon when things had warmed up somewhat and I rode a pleasant 30 miles around one of my Ouse Valley routes finishing just before sunset.

Wednesday 15th January

I spent a few hours in the garage making some changes to the set up of the Claud Butler ‘heavy touring bike’.   I’m not sure exactly when or if I will use it for the purpose I originally built it for.  It has however got some very low gears so it should help to compensate for the weight.  The Ribble bike is going to accomplish a lot of the the casual day rides and winter riding.  It also has the facility to attach pannier bags as well as a saddle bag if required for 2 or 3 day rides.  The Claud Butler, with its bigger tyres and heavier duty wheels will be useful if we get some proper wintery weather though as a good alternative to the mountain bike.  Assuming I make myself go out in those conditions of course or even if I decide on a major expedition at some stage.  I hope to give it a run out in the next week or so just to try it out.

Thursday 16th January

Earlier in the week, after consulting the long distance weather forecast, I had earmarked today to ride the Gran Fondo Challenge route I had designed the other day.

On Wednesday I had a message from my cycling friend Steph asking if I was going for a ride today.  I told her what I had planned and she was welcome to come along if she liked.  It would actually be her third ride of over 100km in the last week!  Anyway, she agreed to come along.

However the day dawned looking very promising but unfortunately the weather forecast was not.  Eighteen miles an hour wind with gusts into the mid thirties and rain after mid day.  As the ride would not have ended until after 3pm I  postponed the ride for another occasion and informed Steph.

We still went on a ride but only 85 km and I felt a bit of a fraud when we started as it was blue skies, sunshine and we had a the benefit of a tailwind so we didn’t really notice the wind.  However towards the end of the ride we were headed into the wind and the sun had gone behind some ominous clouds  Things were deteriorating rapidly.  Soon after I got home it started to rain and it got heavier and very unpleasant out there so i did feel justified in my actions in the end.   Under plan ‘A’ we would still have had a couple of hours riding to do.

Saturday 18th January

Today I opted out of the club ride to Turweston Airfield, also because of an adverse weather forecast, plus it is not one of my favourite destinations.  On arrival at the airfield it involves about a mile of riding along a bad road surface alongside the runway.  Its one of those concrete roads constructed in the war,  I think mainly as a quick emergency measure to make a road.  The surface has deteriorated considerably now and full of cracks, holes and botched repairs, not a very comfortable ride.  Also the ‘The Flying Pig Cafe’, as it is called is one of those container type buildings.  It is cramped, expensive and there is not a good choice or quantity of cake!  In fact, a couple of times I haven’t even bothered stop there and myself and a few others have completed the ride without stopping.  Its not too bad in the summer when hopefully you can sit out in the sun but not good in winter.

Hence I am sitting here writing this missive and feeling very guilty about not riding, especially as once again the weather forecast isn’t living up to expectations.  However I have discovered today that from my back bedroom window I can see one of the local wind farm turbines in the far distance and its whizzing round quite fast!  I just need some rain to justify my idleness now.

WordPress tells me that I have used 1397 words to describe nearly two weeks worth of activities (or inactivities).  Think how many words I could have used if I hadn’t had to condense things!


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