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You know what they say about Buses, you wait hours for one to come along and then three show up all at once.. in my case probably only two though.  It appears the same may seem to apply to my blog posting today..

My keyboard had barely cooled down after my previous post before I was looking through some of the blogs I follow and came across this video gem on Kevin Mayne’s  ‘I Do Not Despair’  blog that he had picked up and I had completely missed.  It was from the Cyclists Touring Club’s (CTC) weekly news email that I also receive.

Its a magical few minutes of just how great cycling can be and I hope he won’t mind me using it as well, just as a means of spreading the good word to my followers as well as his. A little bit of good cycling PR.  Being a fellow CTC member, and he was a former CTC chief executive I am sure he won’t !