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Another ride today and again it was a good day for it..  I could still feel Mondays ride in my legs when I started but that eventually faded into the fatigue from todays ride !!

I set off to do a loop to the western side of home so that I would have a tailwind, more or less for the for second half of the ride.  I rode across to Stoke Goldington and up to Salcey Forest.  It was too soon into my ride to stop at the cafe for a ‘cuppa’ there so I pressed on to Hartwell and Roade.  On leaving Roade I took the back road towards Blisworth but at the ‘T’ junction before there I turned left and was confronted by this …


The tower is actually a breathing ‘tube’ from the Grand Union Canal that passes through a tunnel between Stoke Bruerne and Blisworth.  The object in the foreground isn’t some weird animal it is actually an old tree trunk from a felled tree.  It could be scary on a dark night though I think !! 

The tunnel was dug by hand by labourers called ‘Navvies’ and finally opened in 1805 having been started in 1793 and involved a few delays and quite a few deaths.   The ‘Navvies’ got their name because they worked on the inland navigation routes (canals) all over the country digging out the waterways.  The name was in common use until quite recently and was later used to describe labourers involved in road making works etc., but since the age of construction mechanisation they and the name and trade seem to have disappeared.

Turning left here I headed up the hill and towards Stoke Bruerne but turned right for Shutlanger before I got there.  Passing by the back of Towcester horse race course I carried on across country to Pury End and Paulerspury before making another right turn and through the back lanes to Deanshanger.  Here are a couple of pictures typical of a lot of the small country roads I manage to find on my rides, as is the picture that is in the heading above.


I took this next one so that you can maybe get some idea of the glare generated by the low sun shining on wet roads at this time of year, when the sun shines that is. I am happy to see the sun this time of year but it can be hard on the eyes.


Next, after Deanshanger I crossed the busy Old Stratford to Buckingham road and down the little lane past Passenham Mill which you can see here…


A Few days ago all of this field was flooded from the rain filled river that runs through it, part of which formed the mill stream for the old mill.  The road I took this picture from  is the one in the heading and it was impassable.  The water was right up to the Mill buildings.  The bit of river that runs through the mill for the millstream is diverted from the River Ouse, the same river that runs through my home town of Olney.  Its much nearer the source here though which about 15 miles away, close to the village of Silverstone and the Formula One motor race-track.

It was now just a familiar ride for me through to Stony Stratford and across country back home, about 12 miles but the tailwind made it very easy.  Actually all of the ride was quite familiar to me but the scene changes with seasons.

You can find details of the ride by clicking this link should you be sufficiently interested to do so .. 🙂