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Today marked the first bike ride for a week, the last one being the club ride last Saturday, exactly seven days ago.  Hence the title, a bit of a pun on a biblical quote, I hope I will be forgiven ?  It was also the first one under my new regime and very pleasant it was too.

The long break had been caused by the seemingly continuous rain we have had for what seems a lifetime.  I understand its the wettest January since records began.  As I am now being more relaxed about all things cycling though I didn’t have to force myself to go out.  There were a few other things going on to keep me well occupied in meant time.  My car had to have some attention at the garage, there were shopping trips to undertake and even a trip to Milton Keynes Theatre to see a performance of Swan Lake on Wednesday evening.  The Mathew Bourne version for those in the know.  I am no aficionado were ballet is concerned, I was more on escort duty so to speak, however I did find it quite entertaining and quite spectacular nevertheless.  I am sucker for live entertainment of most kinds anyway.

Today promised a rainless window all morning so after the Friday chores were done I set off on ride around my Medium Ouse Valley route, a total mileage of just over 20 miles to Felmersham on the northern side of the River Great Ouse, as it is formally called, and back along the south side.

Nothing of real note occurred today but I did wonder if the causeway to the bridge at Felmersham might be flooded as it was a month ago as shown in the picture below.  On that occasion I had to ride along the raised footpath on the right hand side to get through.  It was put there for just such occasions.  I didn’t have to ride but I always welcome a bike control challenge, especially if failure promised a good soaking, it gives it a bit of an edge.  It was made even more challenging as I met some pedestrians coming the other way but we managed to pass each other without anybody falling in.

Approach To Felmersham Bridge

Approach To Felmersham Bridge

Despite all the recent rain it wasn’t quite flooded today but the water under the bridge was very high.  Maybe as the authorities release more water from upstream it will become so in next day or so.  Anglian Water control the water coming downstream by a series of adjustable weirs all the way to Kings Lynn on the east coast.

Felmersham Bridge 31/1/2014

Felmersham Bridge 31/1/2014

In line with new regime I had hoped to take some more pictures, both there and on the way home.  I did wander over to the bridge to take some more pictures but when I raised my iPhone there was no picture.  Not to self, ‘Always make sure phone is well charged before leaving home‘.

You can see the water level is perilously high, almost reaching the top of the arches.  I would say its a good four or five feet higher than normal.  I was also going to take some more pictures at the bridge on the Carlton too Harrold road.  We have had yet more rain this afternoon and still more forecast for tomorrow so its probably going to still be flooded when take my next ride along that way in a few days.