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Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Marco Pantani.  The little bald headed Italian cyclist with the sticky out ears.  One of my personal favourite racing cyclists.  He did use performance enhancing drugs I know now but so did everybody else at that time.  Even though back then nobody knew for sure or to what extent.  He died from an overdose of a recreational drug as his cycling career was coming to an end.  The two guys behind him after the break where also later found to be drug users, Jan Ulrich and Richard Virenque, so it was kind of an equal match.

I just loved his aggressive style of climbing, always exciting to watch when he attacked on a climb.  This is a video of his record breaking climb of Alpe d’Huez in the 1997 Tour de France of 37 minutes, 35 seconds and it still stands until this day.  By comparison you could add nearly an hour on to that time to equal my time for the climb in 2010 ( Without drugs !!)