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No, not an Eastern European immigrant, its just me being clever ?  I did my Ouse Valley Ride the other way round today, hence the weird title.  I did it that way round because I thought I would benefit more from the very strong south west wind that way round.    Wrong!!!  When I announced as I was leaving that I was going to do my usual ride backwards I was told I wouldn’t be able to see where I was going..!!!

Ride details.. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/448706079

It was my first ride since Sunday.  I didn’t take the opportunity to ride on Wednesday so it had to be today if I wanted to eke out a few more miles before Sundays inaugural Audax ride.  It was hard going in the headwind sections of the south west wind of 20mph gusting to 31mph.  There were times that I struggled to reach 12mph on the flat into the wind.  The forecast for Sunday is for even stronger winds but at least its supposed to be dry.

I have spent time in the last couple of days refitting the brake and gear cables on the Ribble and the Colnago.  Both of them were annoying me because they were too long in the handlebar area.  Had just re-used the outer cables on the Colnago when I replaced the Sti levers and I should have shortened them.  The Ribble came with cables too long in my opinion.  I guess they had to be that way though to allow whoever was going to buy the bike to have enough cable for whatever handlebar height suited their measurements.  All is neat and tidy now though and I have removed that little niggle every time I go out.  Just to be clear, I should point out that there were other things I did in the last couple of days, not just the bikes.