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Well first of all let me say sorry.  This post was going to be full of photos from my ride yesterday.  However at the very first place I wanted to take a picture of the rolling Northamptonshire countryside, in the sunshine and under a clear blue sky I found my phone was flat.  So all the photo opportunities I was expecting and indeed later saw, had to go unrecorded I am afraid.  Its happened before I know but Ill do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Whilst everything looked nice yesterday there was a very strong south west wind again which plagued me for much for the middle half of the ride at least.  After around the first two thirds of the ride my average speed was under 22kph.  In the last third it crept up to just over 23kph.  That was without any special effort from me I must add.  In line with my new ‘Not worrying about the average speed’ policy.

In the course of my ride I accidentally found a route that I hadn’t ridden before between Wappenham and near the club ride’s coffee stop at Turweston Airfield.  It cuts out a long section of busy road.  Maybe a bit shorter but it has a couple of sharpish climbs to compensate and its more attractive.

The ride details can be found here.. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/451788922

I did the ride to test and prepare my legs for the forthcoming 100km Audax ride on Saturday in the Thames Valley between Grazeley(Reading) and Hungerford.  I haven’t done a ride that long for quite a while so I just wanted to prepare my legs for the shock.  As it turned out it wasn’t too bad at all.  Up until about  month ago I was doing one or two of these a week but at my age you soon lose any fitness you might have gained.