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Shrove Tuesday sees the annual pancake day race taking place in my home town, Olney.  It is the original pancake race dating back to 1455 when allegedly, one of the ladies in the town was late for the ‘Shriving’ service and ran to the church with her frying pan in her hand and was greeted by the verger with a kiss.  The same reward applies now but with some added goodies these days.  There are many pancake races all over the country now and across the world it seems, even in Liberal, Kansas, USA.  There is annual friendly rivalry between the two towns to see who can do the distance in the quickest time.  There were representatives of Liberal in attendance this year and one their children ran in the same schoolchildren’s event, on a shorter course, as my granddaughter Ruby.  One year Ruby’s mother and my daughter Kerry competed and finished very highly placed ! (In the grown ups event that is)

Here are a few pictures from todays event starting with a clip from the ITV Daybreak programme yesterday morning, live from the Market Place.

Olney Pancake Race

You can see it has developed into quite a big event now.

Granddaughter Ruby, lying 3rd in this picture, in the school children's event

Granddaughter Ruby, lying 3rd in this picture, in one of the schoolchildren’s events and looking as though she’s enjoying herself !!


Even celebrity TV Chefs are in attendance


These wicker figures are recent installation on the Market Place and are placed near the start line


Musical entertainment that might appeal to at least one of my readers ??


The Finish Line


The ‘Actual’ Finish Line


A clear leader and reigning record holder for the event


The rest of the field..

Three legged versions

And entering into the fun spirit of the event, three legged versions


Even four legged..

Even four legged..


And all ages..


The back of field accompanied by of course a uni-cyclist, bear and TV camera.. !!!