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I had another bike ride on Monday, following on from the ride on Saturday, briefly referred to in the previous post..   That was an attempt to have a solo ride and then meet up with Team MK ‘c’ group at the their proposed coffee & cake stop at Carlton.  The attempt failed though because I was there too early.  I did hang around a bit but I wanted to be home in time for the England v Italy rugby international on TV so I left before they got there.

Monday was a muddled day, I couldn’t go out until the afternoon because we had a roofer here to work on the roof and chimney.  I wanted to make myself available when they started for moving cars out of the way etc.  It wasn’t too nice anyway and I elected to go out in the afternoon.

I set off in sunshine and wearing shorts for the first time this year and also arm warmers.  I picked a route to fit in the time slot between lunch and my appointment with the nurse at the doctors surgery to have my recent bike crash wounds re-dressed.

It was tough going at first and the route was quite hilly to start with and then turned into the wind but I kept up a good speed nevertheless.  After about the halfway point things improved considerably and I had the benefit of tailwind quite often and finally tailwind all the way for the final leg.  It turned out to be my fastest average speed for this year and probably for quite a while back into last year too.

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats

I discarded my arm warmers fairly soon into the ride as I needed to get an early start on my ‘tan lines’.  It did get quite chilly as that afternoon wore on and the sun started to lose its power but I was keeping warm enough.  The tan lines haven’t appeared yet either.. 😦

I was home in good time for appointment with nurse and had my dressings changed for the fourth time, each time the dressing has gradually decreased in size, its not quite such a large ‘badge of honour’  any more.  One more appointment and I am hopefully done.

The last two rides have been on number two bike, the Colnago.  The Felt will emerge later after I have given it the service I have been promising it since I hung it up last autumn.  The problem is, it is too cold down the garage in the winter to spend a prolonged time down there and you can’t mess around with tiny ball bearings with cold fingers..