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Yesterday I took another trip around my Ouse Valley ride, the route of which was the subject of my recent gallery post here

It was my first ride for a week and despite that I felt surprisingly good.  I was on the Colnago bike and wearing shorts and short sleeves for the first time this year.  The weather was pretty good and the wind was back down to almost breeze like compared with recent conditions.

It resulted in my fastest ride of the year so far.  I didn’t start off with that intention but it kind of grew on me as I saw the averages I was reaching. Firstly I thought 26kph was going to achievable as the average speed crept up.  Then it reached the high 26’s and popped into the 27’s.  Once it reached that I was determined to maintain it if I could.  Nothing special really I know but I just base my comparison on my own standards, after all there aren’t too many other 71 year olds to compare with!  However I still can’t shake off that competitive demon from my shoulders completely it seems.

Ride details can be found here.  If you take a look at my heart rate graph you will see the results of the increasing effort I put in.