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Todays ride took me on one of my Grafham water circuits but I opted out of the extra loop that would have taken me to the cafe there.

It was a bright sunny morning with a mainly easterly wind which was the deciding factor in the route I would take.  I opted for shorts and short sleeves today and I fairly soon realised I should have had some long sleeves or arm warmers.  My legs kept pretty warm as they were working but I had cold arms.  I told myself it would warm up soon, but it didn’t.

I set out easterly towards Sharnbrook and then headed for Souldrop, only to see a sign saying the road was closed for a few days because of works to the railway bridge. Ever the optimist I took a chance and still headed on up towards Soudrop, hoping that there would be sufficient room for me to get through.  Sure enough there was more than enough room with just passable barriers either side of the bridge and nothing in between.

Next port of call was the village of Knotting, which is reached via the hill I call ‘Knotting Hill’ (Notting Hill, the place in west London and location for the film of the same name.. get it ?)

Start of 'Knotting Hill'

Start of ‘Knotting Hill’

The church at Knotting has a clock with only one hand, which I assume is an hour hand but whenever I go past its never pointing at the right hour.  I fact I am not even certain that it moves but I can never remember where it was pointing when i last passed it, except that I know its never right.

Knotting Church Clock

Knotting Church

Knotting Church

I pressed on through more villages until I reached and passed through the picturesque old village/town of Kimbolton, home of Kimbolton School, a big public school.

At Great Staughton I changed direction finally and had a tailwind and I took this picture as I entered the old part of the village just off the min road.


I took a bit of a diversion from my normal route later at the village of Keysoe.  Instead of turning right there and heading across to Riseley I carried on for another couple of miles and then turned right to Thurleigh and through to Milton Ernest.  At Radwell I took pictures of the river as it is now..



Compared to how it was a month ago in an earlier post when it was all over the flood plain..


The flooded flood plain, the pictures above were taken much further along in front of the sky line at the bridge

Things are much calmer now.

Here is a view from the top of the hill at Chellington showing the church and the landscape also in the background you can just see Harrold church.  It was at the highest point I would achieve on my way home from now on.


Here is a view closer to home of Olney across the meadows and the River Great Ouse, taken from the road between Clifton Reynes and Emberton on my way home.


Olney across the meadows

It was a ride of just over 80km, nice riding weather, except a bit too chilly but I enjoyed it very much and didn’t even look at my average speed until I got home and was pleasantly surprised.  Ride details and map can be found here..  I guess I am quite lucky to live in such pleasant countryside, with plenty of route options and especially so when the sun shines.