Postings are going to be very difficult it seems. Especially with pictures so I am thinking I will not write anymore until I am home and can edit down my photos to a suitable posting size. Then I can do proper photo galleries. So I’ll just give brief updates of progress as I go for now.
It’s been a bit too busy to find time to write much so I have kept putting it off until now, day 4.
The crossing/cruise from Portsmouth to Santander certainly made life easier and more relaxed travelling by boat rather than car. It might have been costly, but when set against the time and hassle saved with driving here. Also the the fuel costs and probably 3 overnight stays have to be taken into account as well. The ferry ‘Pont Aven’ one of Brittany Ferries ships was large and spacious with plenty of entertainment laid on. Crossing the Bay Of Biscay was no problem either, the ship was very stable due mainly to its size I guess.
The twenty four hours soon passed, having slept through eight of them. We left Portsmouth at 17:15 and arrived at Santander around 24 hours later,18:15 local time.
We made a beeline for our first nights stop at Oyambre, a 45 minute drive from Santander. Getting out of the port was a nightmare as the roads on the Sat-Nav didn’t coincide with the actual roads that were there now due to a new layout. However by simply following the truck in front we got out OK.
Once out of the port I was really grateful for the Sat-Nav as the route out of town and onto the open road was very convoluted and it would have been a nightmare trying to negotiate it with a map.
The site at Oyambre was very nice, quiet and with good ‘facilities’. The weather for the three days we were there was better than forecast fortunately and managed a trip out each day in sunshine. There was some rain but at times that it didn’t interfere with our plans.
Yesterday we moved on to Navarette in the middle of the Rioja wine region, we are surrounded by vast fields of Grapes.
Today we move on further east towards the Med.