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Well, at least I hope to be.. I have been away from my blog for far too long.  I got out of the habit while on holiday and I am still struggling to get back into routine since my return.  The more I get behind the more daunting the task of blogging becomes..

So here goes, I thought I would start with a picture blog from our Spanish/French trip.  It is mainly Spanish however because our intention of splitting the time equally between Spain and France  went by the board as we looked at the weather up in France all the time and it was awful.  As were reports of the weather up there that we were getting from people that had travelled down through France to Spain.

This caused us to delay our departure from Spain until the last seven days, intending to drive one day, stay at our overnight stop for one day then move on again.  However, we only stopped for an extra day at one stop, in the Auvergene. We reached Picardy with 4 days to spare before the ferry home but the weather there was not too bad, we had some sunshine.  I took the opportunity to try to find my the war graves of my Grandfathers brothers, both killed in the last few months of World War 1.  I didn’t succeed in finding an actual grave, just names on a memorial slab, among thousands of others for who there could be no grave.  One at Viz-en-Artois and the other at Pozieres.

So here is a selection of pictures from the 700+ I took while away !!  as you will see I can’t resist a bike or a doorway..

Click an image to initiate the slide show.. but you have to forward the pictures manually..