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Today I made another attempt at the ride I started last week and had to abort due to an early puncture..

I was still experiencing routing problems with the Garmin navigation in that I could see the route and the little arrow indicating my position on the route but no roads !!!  I stopped and checked that the lack of detail wasn’t due to the fact that I had somehow deactivated the Open Source map and activated the base map.   All seemed OK so I filed it away for further research when I got home.  After a mile or ten of different possible causes going through my head I suddenly realised that I had not removed the card with the Spain/France map on and replaced the UK map card.. Duh !!!!!

I did manage to navigate the route with just the actual route showing on the screen and the little arrow indicating my position on it but no roads.  Two or three times I took an early or late turn due to lack of detail but after a hundred metres or so I got the ‘off course’ warning so turned round and tried again.  A lot of the time I was on roads I knew anyway but several sections were new to me.

The route was very near 104km and formed a kind of a butterfly shape which I thought maybe added something to the ride, made it more memorable ?  I did keep trying to work out where on the butterfly I was.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 18.03.49

Click map for detailed ride stats..

Plenty of nice Northamptonshire countryside too..

Canal at Nether Heyford

Canal at Nether Heyford

Farmland near Upper Stowe

Farmland near Upper Stowe

Near Preston Capes

Very attractive bit of road near Preston Capes

I almost did this ride yesterday but but I am glad i didn’t as it was a much brighter day today.  The wind was a bit stronger but not too bad.. just like an extra hill of which there were plenty anyway, I actually climbed a total of 1055 metres (3455 feet).  No wonder my legs actually felt a bit tired at the end of the ride.

Definitely a ride worth doing again.. a bit of everything, and all the roads that were new today will be more familiar next time.. and I’ll have the help of a map next time too !!