You may well have noticed a dwindling in my activity here.  I am thinking at the moment that I might stop altogether.  It all seemed to start to fall apart when I was away in May with the difficulty of getting a sufficiently strong wifi signal to make my posts and also manipulating my photos for posting.

I have never really caught up since then and I seem to have broken the habit of regular postings.  The longer I leave it the more formidable the task of catching up seems to be.

I have therefore decided to cease activities here for a while and concentrate my efforts, albeit less effort is required, on my Facebook Page .  I would be more than pleased for you to take a look there and if you like what you see and haven’t already done so, please click the ‘Like’ button for me.  I need quite a few likes before I can get increased admin tools and facilities.  I need 20 likes and I have 12 at the moment so quite a way to go.. !!!

I won’t close this blog just in case I resurrect in some other form later on.. maybe combining it with my Photography blog.

Thank you very much to all my followers and regular commenters for your input and I look forward to hopefully linking up with you via my facebook page in the future.

So, bye for now and see you soon I hope …