I seem to have misled some you into thinking I was closing this blog..

That not quite the case so let me explain a bit further..  I will not be doing it in its current form anymore, but not closing it.  I am shifting my cycling related posting to Facebook along with a few other meandering thoughts that are quick and easy to do.

This was just becoming a series of accounts, routes and the occasional photo of my bike rides and I thought that was a bit boring for non cyclists.  I felt I had to document every ride and its quite time consuming too do it properly.  I want to cover a broader spectrum of topics here and with less frequent but more  interesting posts hopefully !  I also want to try to combine it with my photography blog in some way..

Thats why I created my Facebook Page .  Its quick and easy to post there with the basic requirements, a picture and or a few words of description. There is no need for a long article to fill out the post.  I can even post easily while out should the situation occur and Vodafone oblige by making sure I have decent signal !!!!

So what I am doing is taking a brief respite while I consider my options and how to format the blog and its future posts..  All the existing posts and pictures will remain whatever I do.

So, its gone but not forgotten I hope..