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Those of you that have read my facebook page will already know a bit about my unfortunate experience while on the way to the Team Milton Keynes club ride on Saturday.

I started off at just after 8:30am as usual to be in Stony Stratford in time for 9:30am start.  It was pretty hard going into a head wind but as the ride was to Canons Ashby I would have the benefit of some tailwind on the way home.  But just as I was approaching Gayhurst and was plunged into the shade of a row of trees after being in bright sunshine and my eyes were still accustoming themselves to the low light I was suddenly aware of a couple of bumps as first my front, then the rear wheel went over something in the road.  This was followed by a loud bang and the rapid deflation of the rear tyre.  I wasn’t sure what I had hit and I didn’t go back to look, I was more concerned to get the tyre off and tube replaced and  get back on my way to Stony Stratford in time.

I set too and swapped the rear inner tube and pumped it up and was replacing the wheel when I noticed the front tyre was also flat.  This was bad news as now I would have no spare tubes so it would be return home for me.  So at a more leisurely pace i also swapped the front inner tube, fortunately I now carry two spare tubes on my rides but I would now be tubeless!!  I pumped up the tyres stowed everything back in my pockets and set off home.  I looked for something in the road as I passed the scene of the punctures but could se nothing.  I had gone less than a mile into the four mile ride when there was another loud bang and the back tyre went down again.  On later inspection I found a split in the sidewall right down near the rim and obviously the tyre pressure (110psi) forced the tube out of the hole like a balloon  and pop it went.



I now had no option but to phone Jan to come and pick me up in the car.  I started walking in a homeward direction and during my walk two cyclists came by separately and asked if i was OK and could they help.  I thanked them very much and explained the situation to them and thanked them for stopping.

So now my bike is bereft of the two new tyres with the yellow stripes on them that I bought only last week.  Actually i have checked them closely and I think only one is split, but in two place.  One on the edge of the road surface area.  I would have said the tread area, but there is no tread on these tyres and the other right down by the rim, which I missed and what caused the blow out on the way home.  This only added to my disappointment so its back to black Continentals for a while now.

By way of compensation I took myself off the Apple Store in Milton Keynes later in the morning and bought myself a MacBook Pro laptop on which I am typing this missive and which I had been promising myself for a long time.  Every cloud has a silver lining they say.  So now I can blog properly on a computer wherever in the World I happen to be.  Not to mention all the Garmin route planning and Strava ride postings I can do as well.

So bike riding has been off the agenda since Saturdays disaster.  I was too busy on Sunday setting up and organising the laptop and matching it up with my iMac desktop computer.  Today I was thinking about a bike ride but it was still very windy as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha passed by.  There were also a couple of other things I would have avoided doing if I had gone on the ride that I was now able to do.  Also, it never rains but it pours, I walked up to my daughters this afternoon on a promised visit to set up a back up drive on her computer, as I had just done for my laptop at home.

Tomorrows forecast is not too bad, sunshine and the a drop in the wind strength means I may well get away from keyboards for a while.  I need to get some miles into my legs and keep them going, as on Sunday night I entered another 100km Audax for August 24th near Droitwich.  Something else that has slipped by, my determination to get a lot of Audax rides in this year.  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of them now.  I plan this 100km one and then I will step to 200km for whatever events I do for the rest of the year.