Team MK C1Group Ride, Castle Ashby

I had a bit more luck in travelling to this weeks ride than last week, I negotiated the trip puncture and everything else nasty free.  I didn’t tempt fate though and went to Stony Stratford via Newport Pagnell instead of last weeks route over the top of the hills via Gayhurst and Haversham.  Although it was more to do with the headwind I would have had over the top of the hills if I had followed last weeks route to be honest

As usual I was there in plenty of time and it looked like being only four of us on the ride at the 9:30 start time, then all of sudden within a minute there were twelve of us!  If we had been away promptly they would have missed the start.  I usually try to be there early to allow recovery time after my fifty minute ride over there, you need that when you are getting on in years.. 🙂

The ride was pretty uneventful in itself and quite orderly, although as I spent most of the ride on or near the front I didn’t really see a lot of what was going on behind.  its quite an undulating route until the last mile or so when there are two fairly steep climbs.  The first one the the two, Whiston Hill, is the longest and probably the steepest but after that there is a long sweeping descent and then straight into the climb up into Castle Ashby.  If the road conditions are good and the ‘T’ junction at the bottom of the hill is traffic free you can carry a lot of speed into the final climb and keep a good cadence going, just enough to get you best part of the way up the last hill.

It was nice enough to sit outside at ‘The Buttery’ for our various selections of cakes and drinks.

The group at 'The Buttery' Castle Ashby with Liv doing a bit of 'photo bombing' with a sneaky little wave.. :o)

The group at ‘The Buttery’ Castle Ashby with Liv doing a bit of ‘photo bombing’ with a sneaky little wave.. :o)

The return ride was pretty trouble free apart from a slight mechanical for someone just outside Yardley Hastings.  Apparently a dislodged chain problem I was told later.  I was at the front of the group so wasn’t aware anything was wrong until I heard the ‘Mechanical !‘ shout from the back.

Fairly shortly after that I was back at Olney having completed my loop with the early pre-ride miles.  Nice and early too,  No rush for lunch though as I had only just finished a hefty chunk of carrot cake at the cafe about 30 minutes earlier !!

So a much better result for the day than last week and I am typing this on the MacBook I bought last Saturday because I didn’t go on the club ride and went shopping instead !!  So also a much cheaper day, the Thonly expense was cake and coffee!

Route details can be found here...