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Another post? and so soon you might say !!!.. they do say it never rains but that it pours.. so three days in a row and I am posting again.. I must definitely have too much spare time on my hands now..

Just a gentle ride over to my friend Cyrils house in Wellingborough, he who featured in the foreground in the picture on yesterdays post.  He is recovering from hip surgery so has been off his bike for some time.. he will have a lot of visits to do to me when he’s recovered to make up for all this one way traffic.. Don’t tell his Surgeon but he is slowly weaning himself back into cycling with a few gentle pedals on his mountain bike, against orders I think….

It was too good a day not to ride so I took a bit of a wider loop to get there than usual to give the legs a bit more of a spin.  I took these two pictures on the way, a view I have seen before and always meant to photograph and today I did it.  At great personal physical cost too because it meant stopping just before starting an 11% climb at Great Doddington.  The sacrifices I make for my readers !!  As it is close to Great Doddington I am calling this Doddington Mill, for want of a better name as none was in evidence on site or on the map.  The other view is from the other side of the bridge along the River Nene heading east to Kings Lynn and The Wash.




As you will see I was riding the Colnago today, its red in the parts where the Felt is yellow..  it hasn’t had an airing for a couple of weeks so it was chomping at the bit to get out.