I rode with the Wednesday group this morning, it must be over two years since my last outing with them. I don’t know why because I really enjoyed it. A good pace, tidy riding and good company.

Apart from circumstances of various kinds getting in the way I think I have also been quite apprehensive about my fitness level when contemplating riding with these guys. But I need have had no fear, because the riding is very orderly and steady, no constant changing of pace and I seemed to manage OK.

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats..

Click Image For Detailed Ride Stats..

The diagram of the route we travelled looks interesting, very symmetrical. The destination was to the ‘Bike Bus’ by a very circuitous route but when we got there it was closed, despite Lenny having had assurances from the owner at the weekend that it would be open today.

The ‘Bike Bus’ is cafe set up in an old double decker bus. I was interested to try it out as I had heard good reports of cake and coffee and general ambience. It is normally only open at weekends so it would have been a special dispensation for us I guess. We were quite a large group so they have missed a good bit of income I think..

The decision after this was to go back to a café we almost stopped at in Cranfield but didn’t because there was a group of cyclists already basking in the sunshine outside there.  I opted instead to ride back home to Olney as it was pretty near to home but the deciding factor was that I didn’t want to ride all the way back up the hill into Cranfield.

All in all it was a good experience for me and I will definitely make a big effort to include the Wednesday ride back in my schedule again.  So it looks like being club ride Saturday, solo ride Monday and the Wednesday ride.

This week however I have the cub ride on Saturday and a 100km Audax on Sunday.  Two weeks on from this Saturday I will be attempting my first 200km Audax followed two weeks after that it should be my second one.  Apparently only Audax rides of 200km and over are worth points and if I can fit in these two before the end of September it will give Team MK an extra 4 points in the annual team competition.  So I will give it my best shot.  These two 200km rides are on the more normal Saturday so no club ride conflict as well that weekend fortunately.  That probably amounts to nine to ten hours of riding so conflict or not I don’t think I would be tempted to try both.  They are both in the Shropshire, Worcestershire area so they should be quite picturesque rides, if maybe a little hilly.