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Today was quite a bit of a disappointment for me.  I had spent a couple of days sorting out a route of about 150km just to try out my fitness before the 200km Audax in just over a weeks time and was quite looking forward to it.  I knew pretty much from the outset that something was wrong, I kept getting the ‘auto pause’ and ‘auto restart’ message, which shouldn’t happen unless I go slower than the 5kph I have set.  I thought maybe it hadn’t picked up enough satellites to give a true reading so after about a mile I stopped and reset the device but it made no difference.  I stopped another twice for restarts until just after Stony Sratford, which is normally 20 kilometres from home but today it had moved and was now only 14.4 kilometres.

This was to have been my longest solo ride since getting back into proper road cycling again so I wanted an accurate record of the ride.  I also needed the navigation function to get me round the further extremes of the route.  I made the decision to abort the planned route and save it for another day.  Instead I made up a ride as I went along and found myself at the ‘The Barn’ cafe, not very far from Saturdays ride destination of the ‘The Bluebell’ cafe.  I stopped at the Barn and had a piece of cake and a cup of coffee, still messing about with the Garmin, I turned it off eventually to see if a bit of rest would maybe reset it while I had my refreshment but no luck.

All the way home, as before, my speed was fluctuating between what was probably my actual average speed of around 26-28 kph+ and zero and various points in between.  Due to the continuous zero speed indications my distance and average speed was way out as well.

On my way round I did stop to take a couple of pictures just to lighten the blog post I knew I was going to be making tonight.  First this one as I crossed over the Grand Union Canal near Wilstone.. It looks a bit like a canal barge graveyard..


And this one on the way home, of Mentmore Towers, one of the wine business, Rothschild family homes to be found locally along with Waddesdon Manor..  Coincidentally I saw in the newspaper when I got home an obituary to Baronne Phillppine De Rothschild who died recently.  Not a bad family ‘gaff’ I suppose..


Since getting home I have reinstalled the software on the Garmin and I need to check it out pretty soon, but I may not get a chance before Saturdays club ride.  Perhaps there is a chance if the weather is good and the wind is in the right direction that I can get the planned ride done on Monday next week.  I will definitely be contacting Garmin anyway.  I am not a happy bunny. It all seems to have gone haywire since they updated the software, included segments to try and compete with Strava and the new Garmin Connect page.  I just can’t make head or tail of the new Connect web page and I stick with the old one while its still working.

Oh and I re-adjusted the ride stats manually for Garmin and Strava by making some manual adjustments in Garmin Connect and then loading the .gpx file into Strava.  I knew the mileage i did from the similar route on Saturday and added a couple of kilometres and I also knew my start and finish times.  It seems I can’t quite get everything right.. today the bike and me were OK and Garmin was not.. last Sunday the Garmin and me were OK, it always seems to be 2 out of 3, one day it will 3 out of 3 again I hope..