The Life Of Brian..

Anyone would think I don’t have enough time to keep up with my blog posts the way I keep getting a long gap between them.  However thats not the case, I should have plenty of time , its not like I go to work or anything.  My last post here was on the 12th September.  So what has kept me so busy in all of that time that I couldn’t spare.  Let me give you a bit of an insight into the ‘The Life Of Brian’…

On my return from Devon from where I made my last post I came home to discover a leak onto the kitchen ceiling from the bathroom above.. it transpired that the seal around the bath, which is also the shower, was faulty and needed replacing which is a long and arduous job to remove the old sealant, clean up the tiles regrout and replace with new sealant, a job which is among my least favourite and very time consuming.  Lots of waiting between operations for things to dry or ‘go off’.

Then there was the viewing of the Tour of Spain to finish off on the same weekend that the Tour of Britain completed its journey.  Throughout all of this into the next week the bathroom project continued.  Not to mention the Team MK club ride the same weekend to Winslow.  Unusually for me I stopped for a coffee this time at Winslow which made it a late return home.  Nevertheless I was home in time for the final big climb stage of the Tour of Spain.

A planned bike ride for the Monday didn’t happen because it was raining so I went to Milton Keynes and bought a new iPhone instead !! as you do..  This of course led to the rest of that day being spent sorting that out and setting it up. Such time as was free after that was spent in the bathroom.. working I hasten to add..

The next day, Tuesday was also spent in the bathroom, more grouting and finally sealant around the edges.  On the Wednesday I went for a ride to check out part of a new route I hope to use on the club ride that I am leading on October 4th to the ‘The Barn’ at Wilstone, near to the Tring reservoirs in Hertfordshire.  Its usually pretty much and out and back ride to there, similarly to ‘The Bluebell’ at Marsworth.  They are only about a mile apart but I think The Barn is miles better.  The route worked out pretty well so I will use it on the coming Saturday.  I wanted to make it more of a loop.

Hoggeston, on the new route..
Hoggeston, on the new route..

The next two days were spent clearing up after my bathroom activities and also in some garden work.  On the Saturday it was time for the Team MK ride to Castle Ashby.  I have to say I find I am doing less moaning about ride discipline lately so standards must be improving with the C1 group.  Well done you.  It was actually a late decision for me to go as at the usual departure time from home it just started raining as i was getting my bike out so I decided not to go.  However, about fifteen minutes later it stopped so I set off in haste to try to intercept them on their route as there was no way I would make it for 9:30.  I knew roughly which way they would be going and I actually got within a mile of the start at Stony Stratford before crossing paths with them.

On the Sunday I was marshalling at the Team MK Road Race and that took up all the morning as I stood at a road junction in the middle of nowhere near Quainton watching them coming around every 40 minutes for 4 times.  It was OK though, I enjoyed it and its good to ‘do your bit’ for the club from time to time.

Marshall Goldsmith !
Marshall Goldsmith !

On Monday I started to paint the back garden fence with green wood stain.  Another daunting task, one of my least favourites, but this time of year is the best time for me.  Its not too hot being outside in the sun and also as its cooler the stain goes on easier and doesn’t dry on impact with the warm wood.  Its 30 meters up and down each side, of fencing panels, mostly four feet high panels but six of them nearer the house are six feet high.  My side of the fence on both sides is the hardest side to do as I have the cross supports on my side, whereas my neighbours just have the plain slats.  I had no choice in the matter though as the fence was there before I was.  I also took a trip to the warehouse for more wood stain.  I only wanted an 8 litre bucket which should have cost £14.99 but the assistant suggested I got two for £16.00.  I hummed and haa’d a bit and said ‘but I only need one I think’ so he suggested I take the  two then bring one back for a refund within 30 days. It sounded like an offer I couldn’t refuse to me at £8.00 instead of nearly £15.00, so I didn’t..

Tuesday was another bike ride day and I went to survey the possibilities of a cafe at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire for future club ride use.  It seemed just fine but my only concern was that it was a 55 miles round trip from Stony Stratford and the club ride guide lines say between 45 – 50 miles for our group.  However its an easy ride and the consensus seems to be that it would be OK after I put the proposal on the forum on the club website.

Radwell, homewards from Thurleigh
Radwell, homewards from Thurleigh

Wednesday and Thursday were spent working on the bikes in the garage, changing things around and making up two hybrid bikes for future use from materials I had hanging around.  Thursday was a particularly cold day and I was thinking once again that this was finally the end of summer only to be thwarted again on Friday.  I checked over the Colnago, my chosen steed for Saturdays club ride and the rest of the day was spent on another fence painting session.

Saturday was the club ride to Salcey Forest another reasonably behaved ride and a good group.  The afternoon was spent watching the Women’s World Championship road race on TV.  It included one of the most most spectacular multi bike crashes I have ever seen.  It started with just one girl coming off on the left hand side of the road as she caught the edge of the tarmac.

Sunday morning was also a World Road Race championship race day, this time the mens.  Starting at about 9:30 UK time and finishing about 3:30pm.. a distance of around 250km.  I didn’t watch all of it, I missed about the first hour but there was plenty to watch, not at all boring.

Today, Monday, I started painting my way back down the other side of the garden and managed three large panels this morning.  This afternoon I have been doing this blog just for you. Tomorrow maybe another bike ride, destination unknown at the moment.  True to form, after months of not leading a club ride, no sooner do I volunteer for one than the weather forecast starts to indicate quite a bit of rain for Saturday.  This was a problem I had when i was leading rides before.. every time it was my turn it seemed to be bad weather.. Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog..  I really thought I would be OK at this time of year but the omens are not good.  I’ll keep you posted..

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