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It was too nice a morning to not go for a  bike ride today.  The wind had dropped and the sun was shining, perfect.  I set off to survey part of a route I am planning to do when I next lead the Team Milton Keynes club ride on 29th November.  I hope its not a bad omen but it was a glorious day today, just like the one when I tried out the route for the last ride I led and it poured for the event..

I was happily rolling along contemplating what I would write later in my blog and thinking of all the things good about it.   I think one of the most satisfying sounds in cycling is that noise the tyres make when correctly inflated and on a nice smooth road, rolling along with no other sound to be heard, no wind, no traffic, no rough surfaces, just the ??????? noise of the tyres on the road.  How to describe it? I don’t know, it’s not a whistle, its too low for that.. its not a hum, its too high for that.  With my limited vocabulary I just could not think of a suitable world to describe it but all cyclists will know it, I am open to suggestions..

I headed off east along the rolling road into Bedfordshire towards Harold and Felmersham and up and over the hill towards Pavenham.  This is the start of the climb in Felmersham, glorious in the autumn sunshine.



It wasn’t a hurried ride, more one of taking my time and enjoying everything around me and looking for photo opportunities.  There seemed to be plenty of other cyclists around for a weekday on a  similar mission.  A few of them had their heads down staring at their front wheel though.

I rolled on around the circuit to Pavenham, Oakley and the Stevington.  I went past this photo opportunity in Stevington and rode on for a couple of hundred metres while i decided whether to go back or not.. well I did..

Stevington Village centre.

Stevington village centre, a pub, a phone box and a post box…

I have done that too many times, realised I had just passed a good photo stop and then regretted not going back when I was further down the road.

I carried rolling on round my route through Carlton, Turvey and then home.  Its a good route for a club ride I think.  Fairly unpopulated roads with a decent surface.  I just need the weather to be good this time and all will be well.

Last Saturdays club ride was a good one to Carlton, the cafe with the best cakes I know.  I had an enormous piece of carrot cake which I shouldn’t really as its only about twenty minutes from my home.  I hardly needed the sustenance to get me that far.  Saturdays ride details can be found here..

Todays ride details can be found here…