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As I won’t be going on the Team MK club ride tomorrow I took the opportunity to get a few solo miles in on a nice sunny autumn afternoon.  You have to seize the opportunity on such nice afternoons this time of year.  Its unusual for me to ride in an afternoon, my preferred time is usually mornings.

I set off not really knowing where I was going and made it up as I went along.  I knew I only wanted to be out a couple of hours as it would be getting dark if I was much longer.  By the time I got home the shadows were definitely getting longer..

I went out through Ravenstone and took these pictures on my way through.

Ravenstone, Autumn Colours...

Ravenstone, Autumn Colours…

Ravenstone, Autumn Sun

Ravenstone, Autumn Sun

I then headed for Salcey Forest and back round via Hartwell, Hanslope and Haversham.. what a lot of H’s !!!! I could probably have called it the ‘H Ride’..

I took the longer loop back into Olney via Gayhurst and Filgrave and then sailed past all the traffic queueing to get back into Olney and beyond at the end of their working day.  Thats always a very satisfying experience.. 🙂

My route details can be found here..