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This weeks Team MK C1 group ride was to the cafe at the ‘Forest of Marston Vale’ at Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire.  I have to say its hardly a forest at the moment with most of trees no more than about three metres high.

Its only a few years old and is situated on reclaimed brickworks land left vacant after the brick working industry disappeared from the area.  The skyline around that area of Bedfordshire used to be a forest of tall smoking chimneys from all the factories in that area.. here is an old picture of one..


Brickworks :Wikipedia

In about twenty years I expect it will begin to look a bit more forest like but for now its not living up to its name, at the moment it looks a bit more park like.

So, back to my ride.  It was a damp and misty morning so to save getting up too early I elected not to ride to Stony Stratford for the ride start and decided yet again to ride across country and rendezvous with them at the cafe. It was still very misty, lights were definitely required.  I arrived a bit early and got myself a coffee while I waited and waited and waited….  I took this picture just to fill the time.


After another cup of coffee they still hadn’t arrived so having been there now for about an hour I decided they had maybe gone somewhere else so I got ready and I was just leaving as they arrived.  Apparently they had suffered two punctures in the group on the way.  I was surprised to see some brave souls still wearing shorts at this time of year and in this weather.

I went back into the cafe with them while they had their refreshments and chatted a while then rode back with them as far as Chicheley where I turned off for Olney.  On the way though there was yet another puncture.