100.5km Lumpy Loop…

I was back out on the road again today on a ride I planned last night.  I was feeling the need for some extra miles and longer rides are the the way to do it.  Miles in the legs are more important than short fast ones at this stage, in my case anyway.  My chosen steed for the day was the Ribble Bike with a slightly altered saddle position because I found it was a bit different to my other bikes

I carefully planned this route to be as close as I could get to 100 kilometres but on the plus side of it.  The route was actually honed down to 101.1km in the planning stages.  However the need for a coffee and cake stop at Salcey Forest to get me through the last hour of the ride put paid to that.  The ride down the forest road to the cafe and back added that little bit extra, still not bad though.  On the map you can just see the little blip where I deviated from my planned route for refreshment.  Its on the left near the M1 sign close to Hartwell.

Click on Image for ride details

Click on Image for ride details

As you will see it is a loop around Olney and although it was a long ride I was never more than about 15km from home.  The weather was pretty good, even some long spells of sunshine and the wind was light and mostly friendly.

I took these pictures at the exact half way point of the ride, the Garmin showing 50km done and 50km to go.. and also a picture of the spot.  Not too interesting I am afraid.. just the long straight road leading into Bozeat. (Pronounced ‘Boze – yat’ by the locals).

Halfway Mark

Halfway Mark (Sorry about the reflection of my finger holding the phone.. 🙂 )

The road to Bozeat

The road to Bozeat

 It was the longest ride I have done for some time but I hope to repeat the experience again soon, whatever the weather !!


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