One Step Beyond…

One Step Beyond is a record by one of my favourite bands from way back, Madness, when you and I were much younger, well I was anyway.  Both the title and name of the band seem very appropriate when describing todays ride.  The blog title came to me as I was approaching home. leg weary and tired.  It got me home anyway.  Click and listen while you read.. 🙂

I went for my first ride of 2015 this morning, five days after the previous ride on the last day of 2014.  That was a ride of 40km and today I stepped it up to 80km.  A step too far I think.  I was just about shattered by the time I got home.

I rode a loop to Kimbolton and back and it was on the return loop that I hit the headwind.  Before I left this morning I checked the weather forecast for temperature and wind strength but not the direction.  The temperature was forecast to rocket up to 7C by late morning.  I think the most I saw was 6C but thats warmer than of late.  That combined with my failing strength really told on me.  The wind hit me after Kimbolton and I realised why it had seemed so easy on the outward loop.  It wasn’t only the wind that hit me though.  I took a good swig of cold water, half a bottle, in Kimbolton and after about a mile I was getting really bad pains in my stomach like cramps.  Note to self, next time make use of that Thermos Flask I found that fits my bottle cage.

If I had thought to bring some money with me I would have stopped at the village store in Riseley and bought some nourishment.  I didn’t take any with me because on a ride of that length under normal circumstances I wouldn’t bother with food.  Anyway, I made it safely back and my thighs really ached and I can’t remember that happening for years.

My reason for picking that distance was to check out my ability before deciding on whether or not, to go on the club ride on Saturday.  The answer at the moment is a resounding NO.  However there is the possibility of at least one more ride this week and I will make a decision later.

I really want to go on this ride if possible as it is to the ‘Bike Bus’.  I have never been there before but it always has good reviews from other club members who have.  I suppose if I am not fit enough for the whole ride I can do my usual trick of intercepting the ride on its way there, as its on ‘my’ side of Milton Keynes.  The other option is to guess what time they will be there and just ride there myself.  Its only open at weekends so opportunities are limited.

I came home to a lunch of Nutella on toast and a sizeable chunk of Christmas Cake.  I am now in recovery mode with my legs up on the sofa typing this on my laptop.  I am going for another cup of tea just as soon as I have finished this.  Finished this for the second time I might add!  I am using the new WordPress posting page. The previous version used to auto save your work every minute or so but apparently this one doesn’t so I lost it all when I went to find the link for the Bike Bus and had to start over.. Grrrrrr.  I hope this as good as the first version!!!

As I type this, the cup of tea I was going to make later, when I finished this has just miraculously appeared by my side along with two chocolate digestive biscuits.  Us pensioners have it hard !!!


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