Garmin Experience….

Last year one of the lugs on my Garmin 800 that turn in the mount broke off.  It still seemed fairly secure with just the one so I carried on with it like that.  After another two or three months a big bump caused it to come off again and in so doing broke the other lug off.  I enquired from Garmin if a new back was available.  As it was out warranty so all they could offer me was a complete replacement/reconditioned device for about £74 if I sent the old one back.

I opted out of that offer and overcame the problem temporarily by glueing the device to the mount permanently and putting the device on and off the bike by removing the the rubber mount bands on and off all the time.  This worked fine except that in so doing I blocked out the gap that the sounds come out of, not a major problem.  It also made it a bit of a task when stopping for coffee to take it on and off although it was only a matter of seconds each time.  I thought that if it was a pain for me then it would be for any thief who fancied stealing it.

I carried on this way until my seasonal break at the start of December when I contacted Garmin for a return and replacement deal.  All I had to do was parcel it up and send it to them, having given them bank card details.  So off I trotted to the Post Office and sent it recorded delivery and I was expecting it back within their forecast of ten to fourteen working days.

After about three weeks I hadn’t heard but I hadn’t really been to bothered as I was using my Garmin 500 for such rides as I  did.  I found a tracking number in their correspondence about sending it back so I checked that and was shocked to see they were still waiting to receive it.  I got on the Post Office website to see what had happened with the recorded delivery.  It showed Garmin had received it at 8:23am the morning after I posted it.

I was straight on to the phone to Garmin and demanded to know what was going on.  The guy who answered the phone in the first place was bit uncaring of the situation I thought.  They wanted me to provide them with proof of postage etc, which I did.  At the same time I ‘tweeted’ on Twitter mentioning @Garmin and @GarminUK within my 140 characters.  Within minutes I had a message through Twitter from their support services.  Everything seemed to happen very fast then, I had the Garmin back within two days.

I just wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t checked the delivery and also if I hadn’t sent it recorded delivery.  Their reception services in Goods Inwards seem to be somewhat lacking and inefficient.  Also if I hadn’t broadcast their inefficiency via Twitter maybe things would have dragged on more.  I have used the Twitter tactic a few times for bucking people up process, most customer relations departments seem to have their eye on Twitter all the time to quash any bad press.

When the new Garmin finally arrived it looked as good as new and might even have been, so no complaints there.  One thing I forgot to do when sending it back was to remove the microSD card from it with the maps on.  Fortunately it has only cost me the price of the card as the maps I use are OpenSource free maps and I did have a spare card anyway.


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