Come Backs..

In the aftermath of last Mondays ride I had to endure another five days lay off from cycling and I am now on a course of antibiotics.  I did go for a steady 50km ride this morning, a bit shorter than last Mondays debacle but the conditions were similar, cold and windy.  I am still struggling to get some speed back but I think that is not helped by the antibiotics and the extended lay off.  I know from previous experience that antibiotics can make me feel sluggish.  I felt OK at the end though and I think whatever rides I can fit in this week and until I finish the antibiotics course I will keep to about the same distance and step up to 80’s next week and all being well 100’s the week after.  Onward and upward from here on hopefully.

In other news, I have reinstalled Strava but I am keeping my rides on a private basis and not following anybody and not allowing any followers either.  It is purely for personal records and progress checks and also because of the newly found Route Planner on Strava.  It is an excellent piece of software , much better than Garmins Connect set up I think.  I can heartily recommend it, it has some good options.  I understand that Garmin Connect has been suffering some problems itself since installing the new software.  Whenever I have been there I have opted for the old version where possible anyway, I struggle with the new layout.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 14.53.56

I noticed a lot of cyclists out today, obviously making the most of the weather and also they are probably the poor souls who have to work all week and have to grab any ride they can get on a  weekend.  As I said earlier it was a nice sunny day here but with a steadily increasing wind speed all morning.


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