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I found this on my Twitter feed this morning and instantly re-tweeted it to my followers there.  However as I have more followers here than on my new @bricycling twitter feed I am also posting it here for the benefit and encouragement of fellow senior cyclists.. and non seniors I guess but you don’t need the encouragement like we do..!!


If you are on Twitter and don’t follow my new cycling Twitter feed @bricycling it might be worth your while following me there as I pass on quite a few cycling snippets of information and words of wisdom that never make it here.

While i am at it I will give you a link to my other more general Twitter feed @briangoldsmith which has been around a long time and from which I moved the cyclists I follow to @bricycling when i created it recently.

Also there is my cycling Facebook Page which is also called Bricycling ( Have you noticed there is a bit of a theme going on yet ? ) where there are also little nuggets of information to be found that don’t always make it to my Blog.

If you were to go over there and take a look and then if you do like it click the page ‘Like’ box then I would much appreciate it.. I could always use more followers there too please.