The Things That Go Through Your Head…

I managed to get out for a 30 mile ride this morning and home in time for lunch before the snow started falling here. There seems to be a couple of millimetres settling on the pavements outside so I am expecting an announcement that the schools will be closed tomorrow any time now.  Oh yes, and a BBC TV reporter will be spotted with snow up to the thickness of the soles on his shoes, reporting about the paralysis that will shortly affect this area of North Buckinghamshire.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 14.20.28

It was another meander around my Ouse Valley route this.  I like it, it is quite a testing little 50km/30mile circuit with a bit of everything including a testing south westerly section for about half the ride which is generally into the prevailing wind.

The improvement in fitness seems to be continuing for me, there was a another microscopic improvement in my average speed again.  My task during the ride this morning was to calculate in my head the annual distance I would accumulate if I did this ride or its equivalent every day for a year… it would be 18250km or 10950 miles.  When your mind starts working it does seem to make the miles pass quicker.

I got into this train of thought when I was preparing for my ride with a certain lack of enthusiasm.  I started thinking about Steve Abraham, the Milton Keynes cyclist who is currently doing a one year time trial.  He is trying to beat a record of around 75,000 miles in a year, aiming for 80,000 miles.  I was thinking that he is going through the same getting ready to ride procedure every morning at 4 or 5a.m. and doesn’t stop until around midnight or later and covering around 220 miles average every day for one year.  All of a sudden I was feeling a bit of a wimp.

By the way, another national crisis is avoided as its stopped snowing in Olney now.. So no need to rush to the shops to stock up with bread and toilet rolls !!!  😉


3 thoughts on “The Things That Go Through Your Head…

    • Frank, I use a Mac, on that you have to hold down ‘Cmd, Shift and 4′, which I can just about do with three fingers on one hand and then click the space bar’ This turns the cursor into a camera which you move around and then click and it puts a snapshot of the page on the desktop which I then open up and crop. Its a .jpg file which you add to the blog in the normal way.
      PS, it is Garmin Connect site

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  1. Thanks Brian. Windows 7 and 8 still hold a lot of mysteries for me…..but I’ve worked through all the possibilities and, finally, got there…… you will see at the bottom of my current post.


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