Story Book Ride…

Had my second midweek ride of the week today, a pleasant pedal around 72km of one of my favourite rides, especially at this time of year.  Through lots of mainly Northamptonshire rolling countryside with 632 metres of height gain in total. Still quite a respectable average of just over 25kph though.  Just a little main road stuff but generally quiet country roads and lanes, especially attractive when the sun shines and fairly traffic free too..

I came across this place on my route, a little hamlet called Plumpton End.  I think if ever there was a place suitably titled for a children’s story book, this would be it.  Its just outside of Paulerspury heading west.

Plumpton End

Plumpton End

Plumpton End

Plumpton End

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 14.58.51

Not a day for rushing around too much, just enjoying the humming sound of tyres on the road and sunshine on my back.  I was wearing the same kind of kit I was wearing in Spain couple of weeks ago, just shorts and a top. . My kind of cycling weather

Earlier in the week on Tuesday afternoon I rode my Ouse Valley route,  It was a little cooler then and quite a strong east wind blowing too. The journey out to Felmersham was a struggle into the wind but from Felmersham back to Tyringham was very fast with the tail wind.  I didn’t get one personal best on the Strava segments heading east, but every segment on the westbound journey was a personal best for the year.  I was in a mood for rushing that day and that resulted in  my fastest time of the year for that ride.



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