I am still in somewhat of a quandary as to how I am going to organise things here.  Basically I think its going to be a ‘bog standard’ blog.  Come think of it, ‘The Bog Standard Blog’ might not have been a bad alternative name for this publication.

It takes a lot of thinking about because however I start I have to carry on, there is no turning back without incurring a lot of hassle.  I want to try and get it right first time.  I am thinking I will classify my posts by category and then create menus based on categories then it makes it easier to find the posts and photos you are looking for, or just for browsing.

Then there is the process of attracting readers of my existing blogs over to this one.  I think I will just have to make intermittent posts publicising this blog.

I am going to create some menus next and see how that works out so far as layouts are concerned.  That will be my project for now and we will see how it goes.

You might also expect a change of theme or two in future as I work through the setup.