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This morning I took the second step on the ladder of my latest attempt, the fourth of the year, at getting fit again.  I rode a circuit of just over 50km into Northamptonshire and it seemed to go pretty well.  Todays ride was longer, hillier and windier than the previous one but the average speed was faster so thats encouraging.  You could say that a strong headwind cancels itself out but its not necessarily so.  But if you ride a circuit and you have a headwind along the long flat open bits and the tailwind occurs either up hill, or even down hill it doesn’t help that much, so it doesn’t balance itself out.  You could have a headwind for all of  the outward loop and all the hills could come at the end.

My shoulder felt OK again today, both during and after the ride so I think I am pretty much there.  I will just increase the distances by about 10km again for each of the next couple rides and I think I can say thats it.

By coincidence there was an article in this months CTC publication ‘Cycle’ in the Q&A section about exactly the same problem that I had.  Its exactly what the hospital consultant diagnosed for me.  I scanned it and I think its just about readable plus you get the bonus of a nice illustration thrown in.

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