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Yesterday, being a day with nothing in the diary we had put it by for a possible day trip if the weather was nice.  We decided to go to Southwold in Suffolk for the day, a quaint old fashioned seaside town that we like to visit once or twice a year.

Unfortunately it didn’t register in my brain during the thought processes that it was school holiday time.  So the quiet little town and beach was absolutely packed, packed by Southwold standards anyway, not our style at all.  Us pensioners like to have places to ourselves on weekdays.  However we made the best of a bad job and walked around the town, had a coffee and then down to the seafront for a picnic lunch.  We parked our chairs in front of a beach hut that wasn’t being used.  Talking of which, whilst wandering around the town I saw two beach huts for sale in an estate agents shop, one for £120,000 and a ‘cheap’ one for £75,000 !!!

The picture above is of the beach and pier with as few people in it as I could manage.. also some of the afore mentioned, very expensive, beach huts !!!

After lunch I thought Walberswick, the other side of the river might be a quieter option but that wasn’t to be so either, such car parks as there were in the small village were also full and people everywhere.

I scratched my head for a while and came up with the idea of visiting the National Trust property at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge on the way home.  Mrs G thought this was a brilliant idea as she would be able to see the dahlia garden there.  Every time we have wandered around the grounds previously it has been out of season.

A gallery of the gardens and also some knitted decorated bikes that were being stored in the bike racks, a left over from the Tour de France celebrations of last year when it came to Cambridge

As it was late afternoon by the time we got there we didn’t do our usual complete tour of the gardens, we just headed straight for the dahlia section.  I don’t know the names of all the species here.  There was a chart available but I had nothing with me with which to make note of the ones I photographed.  These are just a few, there were over ninety species on view.  The day was rescued in the end.  If Mrs G is happy, I am happy.

I carted my big camera around all day but I didn’t use it once, all these pictures were taken with my iPhone

Here are a couple of iPhone pictures I took earlier in the week.

The Venus Fly Trap/Sundew plant doing its job in the conservatory..


Next are some wheelchairs I saw outside the United Reform Church while I was walking past on Sunday morning. It made me smile because I thought it looked as though they were linedup for a sprint race after the service.  They all looked like they were in the same racing category.  What really made me smile was thought of them all racing up the church path afterwards, vying for position to be first out onto the high street.

Formula 1 wheelchairs..