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I forced myself to get out on the bike this morning after what seemed a long spell of lethargy.  It was actually eight days since my last ride.  Just lately though it has been all too easy to find an excuse not to ride.  I am not sure exactly why.  I have had a few thoughts on the subject and I also had more than a few while I was out riding this morning, it certainly passed the time and made the distance seem shorter.

Even as I was going out of the door I could think of at least three reasons why I shouldn’t be going out but I did go out anyway, thankfully.  It turned out to be quite a nice ride, as I know it usually does once I get out on the road.  I extended the eastern side of my Ouse Valley route a little further east along the valley and once again I increased my average speed a little over my recent rides, surprisingly, so things probably aren’t as bad as I expected.  I could have been riding anywhere, I was not paying much attention to the scenery because I was so deep in thought and hatching plans.  The distance just seemed to pass by along with such climbs as there were.

I thought maybe my reluctance was just because of the boredom of riding familiar roads all the time and the fact that I don’t really have anything to be aiming towards.  At the start of year I had a planned a long programme of 200km Audax rides, one about every two or three weeks.  I was busy then, with a purpose, accumulating greater distances so as to be able to complete the Audax ride distances of 200km plus.  However, as each Audax came around something seemed to crop up to prevent me taking part, functions, holidays, illness or just a feeling of not having accumulated sufficient distance in my legs to complete the distances.  The only Audax I managed to do this year was the 100km Kennett Valley ride way back in the Spring.  This was just supposed to be a preparation ride for what was to come.

I think I am the kind of person who needs to have something to prepare for to motivate me but its probably a bit late to consider anything major this year.  I do still have an ambition or two in mind that I would like to fulfil before I am too much older and less capable but thats something to think about and plan over the coming winter I think.

One of the problems with Audax rides for me is that it involves an early start as the longer events generally start about 8am and that usually involves an hour or two of  driving from home.  There are not that many that are close to the North Bucks area so there are not many to choose from.  I have considered doing DIY Audax’s where I would plan a route and submit it for approval before doing the ride.  The beauty of that is that, once approved I can do the ride whenever I like and send in the completed .gpx file from my Garmin along with proof of checkpoints I have passed.

But then I guess thats a lot of palaver because if I am going to go out on my own I might just as well do a solo 200km ride of my choice anyway.  Riding in an event with others though does have a greater appeal and its good to chat with people along the way and at the checkpoints.  However, whichever way I do it, once I get my head down and increase my mileage that is going to take me to pastures new and break the boredom.

The map of todays ride can be seen at the top of the page and further details can found here..  I had a bit of a problem with the cadence sensor right at the start of the ride today so I had to disconnect it, hence the very brief and slow cadence rate on the website.  Something else to keep me busy, sorting that out!