The Best Laid Plans….

Often Go Wrong !!

After a chat during our last motorhome trip we decided we didnt have the proper motorhome mentality.  We were still in ‘caravan mode’.  That is, finding a site and staying there a few days or week or more instead of moving around and finding new places.

I came up with the idea of doing a trip around the coast of the mainland UK in a series of stages.  Doing a bit, then coming home and picking up from the last place next time.

After much thought the logical place to start, given our location seemed to be Kent.  Jan wasnt too keen on the sound of Kent despite my assurance that it was a nice county.

We haven’t really tried staying staying anywhere other than proper sites in the UK so far, when there are places that many motorhomers use that are cheap or free. Places like pubs who let motorhomers stay in their car park for the price of having a meal there, or 24 hour council car parks that have motorhome parking places.

We have the facility now for self suffiency, two big gas canisters, a solar panel with a heavy duty leisure battery and a hundred litre water tank plus toilet and shower onboard.

With this in mind, as Jan had a busy week ahead and didn’t really fancy Kent anyway I set off on a solo exploratory trip last Wednesday for about a week to investigate.

It wasn’t the success I thought it could have been though.  I arrived at my first stopover, a ‘proper’ site near Sevenoaks.  I plugged into the mains connection and turned the refrigerator over from the main vehicle battery where it has to be for travelling to the mains electric option that that now I was connected to the mains.  The refrigerator wasn’t very cold when I arrived but I put that down to high temperatures outside.  However after a couple of hours it still didn’t seem to be getting cold but again I put that down to the high temperature.  As a test I swapped it over to the gas option.  We always use the electricity when we can though because its included in our site fees.  Using the gas runs down our gas bottle.  Gas is supposed to be the faster way to get a cold refrigerator but even this didn’t work.


Oldbury Hill, Sevenoaks

Another reason I thought it might not be working was that I was parked on a sloping site and that can stop the refrigerator working properly for some reason.  I was using ramps under the front wheels but still wasn’t level.  You can see from the photograph there is quite a slope.

So my next move was to go to another location for the next night that was level. I had somewhere in mind on the Isle of Sheppey, on the seafront.  Just a parking place, no facilities, at Leysdown on Sea.


Leysdown On Sea


Leysdown On Sea, Isle of Sheppey

I found it OK, a nice quiet spot right on the beach and just a couple of other motorhomes in residence.  I parked up turned the refrigerator onto gas again but after a couple of hours it still hadn’t got any cooler in there so I decided I needed to get back home and see about getting it repaired.

I didn’t come straight home, I went to another ‘proper’ site at Folkestone for the night where it would be level so that I could try it the level and plugged into electricity option.  But that was no good either so early next morning, Friday, I set off back home.  I needed to get things sorted out because it has to done before we can go away again.  I had the pleasure of the M25 and the Dartford Tunnel right at the morning rush hour ( I can’t for the life of me think why its called the RUSH hour, when the opposite is true ??) but I figured I might as well be on my way rather than starting later to miss the traffic.  Anyway it wasn’t too bad.

Hopefully the refrigerator engineer will be calling me tomorrow but I wont be holding my breath…



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